18th Bi-Annual Credit Boot Camp

It’s no news that good hard working middle-class people are suffering the most during the “great recession” we’ve been experiencing for the last several years. And nobody knows if we’ve reached the “bottom” yet… while politicians still puff and posture and fight like children, accomplishing very little that really helps.

Washington may squeak through a band-aid for the “financial cliff”, but nobody expects it to be anything more than putting off the issues at the core of the problem. Their actions (and inaction) will determine which of several trends will take place going forward… will YOU be prepared to adjust to the changes coming?

For established, professional credit repair agencies who continue to invest to stay on top of these trends, you may well experience your best year ever if you are prepared. Here are what two seasoned pros have to say about why they keep coming year after year to The Credit Boot Camp:

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10 Years In Business!
It’s been phenomenal. The tactical information got was actually the missing piece that my company needed. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and (this) really just put the whole puzzle together.” Tony Sanders - Clark and Associates Credit
Atlanta, Georgia

Those Who Attend Are At The Top Of Their Game…Where Will You Be!?

For those who still don’t see the need to invest in their ongoing education and compliance requirements – just as we are seeing in other industries — this is the time of weeding out, when the weak companies are culled from the industry. You may want to listen to some of the “New Blood” that’s ready to take your seat and your business, sharp men and women who see the value of the training and networking you only get at The Credit Boot Camp.

No wonder so many attorneys, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, automobile dealers and more are deciding NOW is the time to expand into this lucrative new area or looking for established credit repair companies to affiliate with! Don’t believe me? Listen to these recent attendees and see for yourself:

More Value Than Any
Other Event!

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“I’ve been to a lot of conferences, whether for legal or real estate profession…There was more information, more entertainment and more knowledge here than any other conference I’ve been to!” Rosemary Cantano - Liotta & Cantano LLP Massapequa, NY

Massive Connections With Successful Peers!

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“All the connections I made this weekend, first time out, anybody that sees this you just need to sign up!” John San Filippo - Properties Chicago, IL

Why YOU Need To Be At This Boot Camp!

This past fall unemployment finally dipped below 8% for the first time in several years. It was a milestone but bittersweet for the millions are out of work, working part-time or working for cash, and even when a good job opportunity comes along their credit is already shot! These people need you and what you can do for them… you need to make sure you’re their first – and ONLY choice! — to help them rebuild their lives!

All Of These Factors Have Conspired
To Create A Perfect Storm Of Opportunity
But There’s A Dark Side As Well!

Without access to credit, housing can’t rebound, new cars can’t be bought, and the economy will keep struggling. It comes down to individuals not being able to participate in the economy. But politicians keep targeting our profession to make a name for themselves! They focus on the few bad apples as examples while true credit repair professionals are changing lives for the better. They unfairly create distrust and scare away people who need these services most. Meanwhile, banks and credit reporting agencies have made it so difficult to remove even the simplest of errors, the average worker doesn’t stand a chance. Who will these people turn to for the help they need?

YOU! IF You're Prepared!

Creating Experts & Revolutionizing The Industry!

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“The credit event has taught me more in 1 day than the last 2 years I have been in business. Creating experts… revolutionizing the industry… The Credit Boot Camp we should do twice a year to get people together and share ideas.” Rafael Arce - California Credit Services
Oceanside, CA

Mortgage Brokers Need
Credit Solutions!

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“At the Credit Boot Camp we were able to find and network with tons of professionals who really understand the credit space. You need to attend… to understand how to develop relationships that effectively do business and generate solutions for your partners!” Dylan Kramer - America's Mortgage Choice

That’s why true credit professionals take valuable time away from their businesses to attend the premier educational and networking event for our profession: The Bi-Annual Credit Boot Camp.

And We ARE A Profession! Making cutting edge credit repair strategies, tactics and “best practices” readily available to every serious credit business owner and staff member is what is rapidly changing our business into a true profession! And only The Credit Boot Camp is committed to empowering credit repair professionals like never before, helping you to stay on the forefront of rapid changes in the marketplace, expand your business and enjoy significantly greater success with your clients!

The knowledge you gain here will allow your team to do a better job. Your clients are better served as they see their credit portfolios improve faster and they begin to see the “light at the end of the tunnel,” where they can finally enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. And, as we promote professional standards throughout the industry, lawmakers will find less and less opportunity to use our profession as campaign fodder!

Now You Know Our Vision, and at The Credit Boot Camp you will discover hundreds of your peers committed to this same high level of excellence and dedicated to building compliant – and profitable! — businesses serving the needs of their community… people like these folks:

Paying It Forward!

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“I’m so glad that I came…I’m really glad that everyone is able to come together and unite and share their secrets and share their success, and share their promotions, and how everyone’s united…DisputeSuite is actually putting this movement together so everyone can understand the benefits of this and that we’re able to empower one another. And, paying it forward. Paying it forward.” Arnita Johnson - AMB Credit Consultants
Dallas, TX

Helping More & More People!

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“The Credit Repair Boot Camp is ABSOLUTELY THE ‘Must Attend’ Event. Don’t miss the next event, we’re learning more about what it takes to help people every day. This information has changed our entire business!” Heath Lehman - A4FI
Little Rock, AR

It’s Up To YOU To Be At The Top Of Your Game – And You Get There With The Insider Information You Will Discover At The Credit Boot Camp!

It’s no secret the credit reporting and scoring agencies have invested untold sums to create fear and doubt among the public, keeping them away from bona fide resolutions that are the right of every citizen! Expect 2018 to bring an even GREATER campaign attacking our profession. Their only aim is to discredit you and scare prospects away. And you can expect their lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill to only increase as well. You don’t need to look any farther than the negative blitzes used in the presidential campaign to see what’s in store in the upcoming months! Will you be prepared?

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    At a time when the credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors are spending millions of dollars every year trying to make the YOU fail, do you know the exact steps to take to beat them every time? You’ll get new insights into Proactive, Positive, Higher-Road Marketing Approaches that will put you light-years ahead of your competition – while they’re struggling you’ll be enjoying clear sailing and overwhelmingly positive results!

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    Do you know all the shortcuts to get around the roadblocks the bureaus put in their way? Expect new roadblocks and obstacles this year, and expect customers to look for those credit professionals with a reputation of being on the “cutting edge,” who consistently win even the most difficult disputes! The Credit Boot Camp equips you with the latest technology, know-how and insider information to be their One And Only BEST Choice!

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    This ONE Detail PAYS FOR THE EVENT Many Times Over! ==> When Collection agencies violate the law, can you quickly identify their violation and turn the tables on them? Will you know the exact avenue that shuts them down once and for all, and frees your clients from their haranguing calls? (hint: forget the old techniques that used to work!)

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    Most importantly, are you running “solo” or have you aligned yourself with a group of like-minded professionals, all working together to help boost each other’s success and profits? The ONLY Place YOU Get To Network With Top Industry Leaders For FOUR Solid Days from all around the country is The Credit Boot Camp! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, listen to what this can mean in YOUR business from those in the know:

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The best three days that we’ve ever spent to increase our business.

DisputeSuite, first of all I want to thank you, myself Carlos, and Erika, from National Credit Restoring, was the best three days that we’ve ever spent to increase our business.  I think we’re going to really be able to implement a lot of the things that we learned… some of the stuff that we picked up from the different folks that you had up on stage.  It was just awesome, awesome!  We’re looking forward to… I think we can probably, what, double, triple the size of our business.  Definitely!  So we can definitely look forward to that.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you, DisputeSuite.  So we’re looking forward to that.  I’m sure you’re going to be there for the support. Carlos and Erika - National Credit Restoring - Tampa, FL
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The Networking Alone Was
Worth The Investment!

Amazing, amazing, amazing! By far the best money you can spend if you are serious about taking your business to the next level and helping a lot of people, the networking alone worth it… it way exceeded my expectations!” Satin Crable - J Credit
Chicago, IL
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Sustaining, Building, Becoming Successful, Mentoring

“It has truly allowed me to expand the goals that I already had set prior to my visit. To expand it even further, and solidifying connections that I really need to grow my business. As an entrepreneur, we’re often in a lonely world, growing our businesses. We may have mentors that come in and out of our lives, but The Boot Camp is truly about sustaining, building, and truly being successful. And getting mentored consistently, which is what every entrepreneur should desire and truly should seek.” Alexis Jones - Get GR8T Credit
Sacramento, CA

The connections and the networking… where else can you get this level of peer connections and support than at The Credit Boot Camp! Here you’ll meet national authorities, seasoned professionals, and individual business owners just like you.

If you are thinking about expanding your business into the credit repair area, this Credit Boot Camp will give you the jumpstart you need to make your new venture profitable and compliant from day one. Perhaps you see this as a way to enhance…

Your Legal Practice, as an added service for your clients in bankruptcy, foreclosure or divorce

Your Mortgage Or Real Estate Brokerage, to help hard working families clear the credit hurdles and be able to own a home of their own

Your Auto Dealership — or any other sales business that relies on clients and customers with credit to survive.

YOU CAN avoid all the issues and obstacles others in your profession face, and begin to profit immediately as you expand your focus to helping your market fight irregularities on their credit. And once their credit is strong again, who do you think they will be loyal to and utilize in the future? YOU!

Just look at some of the hot topics we are planning for this event (and more will be added right up to the event itself!)

  • image descriptionCredit Bureaus Suck! – and you should know why they suck! (By the way, early registrants get a copy of DisputeSuite’s new book on this… see details below)
  • image descriptionYou will learn the unfiltered REAL history of the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA’s or “credit bureaus”): Who started them and why. How they used the familiar “Welcome Wagon” program among other schemes to extract household information without a family’s knowledge!
  • image descriptionThis ONE Detail PAYS FOR THE EVENT Many Times Over! ==> How the new Dodd-Frank rules giving the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau much greater oversight of the biggest consumer reporting agencies that could dramatically change the game in your favor!
  • image descriptionHow the bureaus continue to legally violate modern privacy rules — at least the “Spirit” of the law if not the letter (their hypocrisy continues, and it’s about to get worse this year!)
  • image descriptionThe credit reporting agencies have as many as 300 – 350 MILLION consumer files (although they publicly state they have about 200 Million files)… and how this knowledge gives you incredible leverage before you even start helping a new client.
  • image descriptionWho are the REAL players in credit reporting… it’s NOT who you think! Before you find yourself chasing windmills, you should know HOW they actually make their money! You’re in for a surprise as we follow the REAL Money Trail. You’ll even learn the latest update on the multi-billion dollar player and their attempt to DO credit repair themselves (and why YOU still have the advantage when you take these simple steps!)
  • image descriptionHow the computer system all the big bureaus still use to manage consumer disputes is violating the law, why they are “allowed” to continue to use it and how knowing this gives you “Special Leverage” that can leap across the hurdles they try to throw at you!

At This Must-Attend Event YOU Will Get All This & Much, MUCH More! (Check Out Our Topics Page & See For Yourself!

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Bringing Along His Staff

“I have learned more about credit and credit repair than any other event I have ever been to… I am bringing more people back next year!” Andrew Canole - Waterfield Credit
Tampa, FL

20 Years In The Business

“I’ve been in the business 20 years… and learned so much at the Credit Repair Boot Camp I didn’t know…” Charles Price Esq.
Bankruptcy Attorney
Orlando, FL

We Cover Compliance
From A-Z…

Starting with how to charge, when to charge and when NOT to charge, we cover filings, bondings, disclaimers, contracts in incredible detail and scheduled time for direct questions and answers from our experts!

  • image descriptionWhy giving away certain services for FREE could cost you your business — It may seem harmless but in actual practice, it can KILL your business legally (not to mention financially!)
  • image descriptionWhat type of contracts do you need and what needs to be in your contracts and what are the biggest (and stupidly common) mistakes you MUST Avoid (chances are you have at least ONE of these in your contracts right now!)
  • image descriptionThis ONE Detail PAYS FOR THE EVENT Many Times Over! ==> You’ll get the one simple clause you MUST HAVE in your contract that most attorney’s won’t even notice you’ve missed. This ONE Omission cost a MAJOR player in the industry over $20 Million Dollars in a recent lawsuit!
  • image descriptionYou’ll discover another company that’s ECSTATIC Today, even though they spent millions of dollars defending ONE Contract Clause all the way to the supreme court so that YOU Don’t Have To, because NOW it’s enforced by a ruling from the top court in the land!
  • image descriptionHow to Make Sure your employees understand and maintain compliance — even when you’re not around!
  • image descriptionSix Key Steps You MUST do to protect your clients data under new privacy enforcement… and you’re probably missing at least 3 of them or more!

Bring Your ENTIRE Staff So They Tow The Line & Help YOU Stay In Compliance!

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Great Opportunity!

“This is a great opportunity to learn more than what we already know. And, I’m going to expand this to the Hispanic community and help them learn more”. Angel Granados, CEO
Advanced Credit Solutions
Nampa, ND

Running Legal,
Ethical Businesses

“I’ve been in business about 3 years. I got so much value at so many different levels… teaching us about being legal and ethical in running our businesses” Armando Sanchez
Empire Credit Restoration
New York
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Texting His Office Everyday!

“I have learned so much… here the sharing, the giving… Absolutely Fabulous!” Steve Meyers - Raleigh Legal Group
San Diego, CA
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I am so inspired by your leadership

“DisputeSuite, for somebody who’s been doing this for as long as I’ve been doing this I have to tell you that… and I tell you this all the time… but I wanted to tell you in front of all our friends, that we do business with, how much I appreciate your vision and your leadership.” Angela Setters - Conquer Credit Management
Tarzana, CA

One Thing That’s Important: This is NOT Credit Repair for DUMMIES!

There are plenty of “Beginning Credit Repair” courses you can buy… you can even buy books like “Credit Repair for Dumb Bunnies” or “Start A Quickie Credit Repair Company” at your bookstore for a few bucks… or go really Credit Repair for DUMMIES and grab an ebook online! If you’re trying to figure out if this business is for you, or how the whole credit business works, or if you’re just a “Serial Seminar Junkie”… DON’T Attend!

You’ll quickly find ALL of these “self-help” products really ARE for “Dummies”, and will leave you with more questions than when you started. NONE OF THEM come remotely close to digging down and bringing you the kind of knowledge and experience attendees have come to expect at this event. NONE COME CLOSE to empowering you with what you REALLY NEED to succeed in the credit repair world. And NONE CAN EVER bring you into contact with hundreds of successful peers, all willing and able to HELP YOU SUCCEED!

The Credit Boot Camp is NOT a “sell-a-thon” with pitch after pitch. This event is the ONLY Professional Event For Credit Practitioners… no wonder the last several Boot Camps have sold out early!

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I am starting into this business of credit repair, and I wanted to thank DisputeSuite

"My name is Rico Negrete.  I am starting into this business of credit repair, and I wanted to thank DisptueSuite, specifically, for the amount of effort and dedication that he's put into this.  All of the effort, and time, that is must take to pull of these things  together, all of the resources... and really push this industry forward for us, and make sure that it doesn't fail.  And, do the steps... take...  do everything that is necessary so that we can continue to grow, and fulfill our purpose.  Thank you."Rico Negrete - Credit Services Manager
Portland, OR
image description

I have to say I’ve rarely been involved with a seminar this well put together.

Hi there.  My name's Tom Lieg.  I'm with First National Credit Solutions.  This has been one of the most mind-blowing weekends we've had in a long time.  I have to say I've rarely been involved with a seminar this well put together.  Its new revenue streams, its new answers, its new solutions for our clients, and I will be back again.  Thank you.Tom Lieg - First National Credit Solutions
Dover, NJ

We’ll Be Covering Advanced
Credit Repair Core Tactics Such As:

  • image description

    HOW TO MASTER The Toughest Items In Credit Repair — STEP by STEP! We’re talking bankruptcies, charge-offs, foreclosures, judgments, collections and more … even the toughest challenges will ALL be as effortless as a CHANGE OF ADDRESS once these strategies are revealed at the event!

  • image description

    How to REALLY Help People With Bankruptcy — before they file, during the process and after their case has been discharged (PLUS YOU Will Get TWO Powerful Strategies that will make you money from bankruptcies that you probably never thought of — and VERY FEW in the business even know exist!

  • image description

    How to use the most common Myths & Assumptions about credit repair to Your ADVANTAGE, with Targeted Client Education that will create Greater Dollars Per Customer!

  • image description

    How to use the bureaus’ computers against them: Tricks of the trade to Turn Optical Character Recognition to your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE (this can affect EVERY one of your clients disputes)

  • image description

    Why “Factual Disputes” are far more effective than any other dispute method, and the 5 Most Common Reasons your disputes are flagged as “Frivolous”… AND The All Important “5-Point Checklist” You Must Adhere To in order to avoid having your disputes rejected!

  • image description

    Why you must now make sure you have TWO Primary Elements In Place BEFORE you make a successful “Factual Dispute.”

  • image description

    How to Successfully PURSUE Your Claim EVEN IF Deemed FRIVOLOUS — These THREE Items Are The KEY To Keep Your Dispute Moving Forward!

  • image description

    EIGHT Different Strategies to use when your clients dispute comes back as VERIFIED… How many of them do YOU know?

image description

This ONE Detail PAYS FOR THE EVENT Many Times Over! ==> You’ll hear from DisptueSuite and other “Seasoned Veterans” in the business, sharing their own tricks of the trade and how they overcame specific trials and tribulations from customers, legislators, and local government “Napoleons!” You will learn how they handled sometimes MAJOR Missteps in advertising, marketing, sales, compliance and on and on… so YOU CAN AVOID making the SAME mistakes and give YOUR business the critical edge!

image description

Wish I’d Had All This Starting Out

"I had several 'Aha' moments that significantly impacted my business positively. There's not another seminar or boot camp out there that's going to be such a meeting of minds. So many experts altogether in one room giving you the information I wish I'd had when I was starting in business." Doc Compton - Omega Credit Repair
Mckinney, TX
image description

An extra $10,000 a month

My name is Troy Hitt.  I'm from Houston, Texas.  I visited in Dallas, the last Boot Camp, implemented some of the tools immediately, once I got back home, and tripled my, more than tripled my affiliate program.  Doubled my referral base, and added about an extra $10,000 a month to my bottom line.  Every month. Troy Hitt - Improve My Score
Houston, TX

It All Starts Wednesday Night!

We’ve Got So Much Packed Into Four Days, We Have To Start The Night BEFORE!

Wednesday night kicks off with what past attendees call the “Meeting Before The Meeting!” Our Open Bar Meet & Greet Cocktail Party. This is YOUR chance to rub shoulders with our Expert Presenters AND our prestigious Platinum And Diamond Members, with the entire DisputeSuite Team, and other Dignitaries & Credit Pros From Around The Country. You’ll be amazed at the quality conversations and beneficial relationships you will develop at this fabulous kickoff to The Credit Boot Camp!

Plus, All You Early Birds Get Advanced VIP Check-In Wednesday Night, Alongside Our Platinum VIPs!

Awesome Event Content

Open Check In Starts Bright & Early At 8:30 a.m.!

If you just can’t make it Wednesday night, be sure to get downstairs bright and early or be prepared to wait in line! Platinum Attendees Have A Special Lane For Expedited VIP Check In!
You’ll want to get there early for the best seats, and get ready to take notes. Our profession is growing every quarter, and new demands, trends, rules and regulations create a constantly-changing landscape. YOU Will Be Prepared to take advantage of these new opportunities… while those who don’t make the commitment to their business to attend The Credit Boot Camp will be unprepared for the changes that are coming, falling victim to changes in the marketplace while missing chances to grow and expand their businesses!

Getting To The Heart Of Compliance!

This is the beginning of our closed door sessions for attendees with passes only. We’ll start covering specific ways to make sure your business gets into compliance and STAYS in compliance, so YOU don’t have to be looking over your shoulder worried about legal and other issues slowing you down (or worse, shutting you down!) You will learn…
  • image description
    How to get a bond for your credit repair company when everyone says “You can’t!” (and why NOT having a bond is like going to work stark naked, totally vulnerable and open to attack!)
  • image description
    Why giving “free” services to some customers can take your entire business down! What’s the best pricing strategy to stay compliant and stay in business?
  • image description
    What Key Terms MUST BE in your customer contracts… and how can you make sure your staff doesn’t make these five simple – yet costly mistakes — when writing up new customers. And much, much, more…

Best Business Practices

You will learn from the best of the best… from our Expert Speakers and Trainers, Seasoned Professionals from all over America, and from our internal staff who will be available throughout the entire event to answer your questions. You will learn best practices in hiring, firing, contracting, marketing, sales, operations and so much more. Every day will be filled with different sessions and different focuses… ALL Are “Mission Critical” Topics For YOUR Successful Credit Repair Business Today!

Processing Power That Gives You The Edge!

We’ll touch on how high-end advanced credit repair actually takes less fighting with the credit bureaus than the low-end high-competition Low Income customers! (On Sunday we go into even more detail from a sales and marketing perspective as well!)
  • image description
    You’ll Get Six Powerful Indirect Dispute Tactics you’ll want to use every day. You will be amazed at how Effective – AND Controversial – these practically unknown techniques are!
  • image description
    What is exact sequence of the “4-Step Basic Process” you must follow for a furnisher dispute, and why the sequence of the steps so important to your clients’ results?
  • image description
    How to build a 700+ credit score for your clients — only two years after bankruptcy! The secret is revealed in the “TEN FICO Scorecards”, and understanding these will help you get UNBELIEVABLE results for your clients!
  • image description
    This ONE Detail PAYS FOR THE EVENT Many Times Over! ==> The 5 Key Points That Make Your Dispute Letters NEARLY UNSTOPPABLE! The specific BLUEPRINT You Get At The Credit Boot Camp ELIMINATES These Costly Mistakes so ALL of your letters will get the proper attention they deserve!

Automation Nation: Rethinking Your Operations!

You’ll discover how easy and affordable it is to create efficient systems that do EVERYTHING… just like the credit repair GIANTS. Secrets They Spent MILLIONS To Develop are available today for PENNIES! (potentially SAVING You Thousands Of Dollars A Year in increased efficiency!)
You will learn how you can run your credit repair company with NO employees and NO overhead! You won’t be able to sleep once these super simple yet only recently possible steps to implement a hassle free business are shared! You’ll have an early edge on your competitors, but soon everyone in the industry will be forced to reassess their existing businesses or risk falling by the wayside (But NOT You! — Because YOU’LL Get A Winning Headstart At The Credit Boot Camp!).

DisputeSuite Next Generation

Even if you’ve never used DisputeSuite to streamline your business, you will want to attend this special session where we pull back the covers and reveal The Future Of DisputeSuite (Some Of It’s Already Here, Now!), so you’ll be among the FIRST to see the newest features that give you even MORE Control while making your business practically run on Auto Pilot, Meaning Less Headaches, LESS Stress and MORE Free Time! PLUS, if you have some specific features you’d like to see, THIS is the time to ask the person who’ll be creating them! Who knows? We may tackle your suggestion right there in the session! Don’t worry, we’ll leave plenty of time to answer ALL of your questions! Like all of our evening Special Sessions, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over! NOTE: This is the ONLY session where we’ll discuss utilizing DisputeSuite or any other software. You Do NOT Have To Have DisputeSuite In Your Business… And We Will NOT Be Pitching You For This Or ANY Other Product Or Service!
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8 Years & He Feels Like A Rookie!

"I have been in the business for 8 years but I feel like rookie because there are so many things I did not know about, so many inside tactics and techniques I have learned!" Israel Catala - Credit Maximums
Kissimmee, Florida
image description

I Got Answers I Didn’t Even Know Questions For!

"No matter how much you THINK you know, when you listen to DisputeSuite for an hour or two you realize how little you know!" Kerry Lutz, Attorney
Westchester, NY

  • image description
    Learn how scoring agencies combine ALL the supporting reports information and all the other documentation out there and translate someone’s credit into a single ABSTRACT Numerical Code. The old “Four C’s Of Credit” are a nice platitude for your customers, but you need to know what’s really behind those scores.
  • image description
    What is the “Eight Point Hierarchy Of Impact” with regards to negative items and how can it help you?
  • image description
    This ONE Detail PAYS FOR THE EVENT Many Times Over! ==> The eOscar Secrets that really matter. The Electronic Online System for Complete and Accurate Reporting (also known as “eOscar”) allows the bureaus to respond to disputes with one of 27 codes. But do you know which three are the most problematic to deal with? Or just how many you can legally respond back to the bureau with? If not, you’re shooting in the dark with blanks… this session will open your eyes and change your focus once and for all!
  • image description
    Terms like “Metro 2 File Format”, “Matching Algorithms” and “Partial Data Matches” are more than dry definitions. You Will Get Total Clarity on what they mean to the bureaus AND your clients, and the hidden power this gives you.
  • image description
    You’ll discover what EIGHT Points FICO Uses to determine their “Hierarchy of Data Importance.” The importance of this and how they weigh different kinds of negative items is the KEY to getting faster results for your clients and helping them RAISE Their Score Even With A Few Blemishes (hint: focus on the blems with the most FICO weight FIRST!)
  • image description
    All these variations create major obstacles to overcome for difficult dispute issues. The trouble is, standard techniques only work for standard disputes! Come prepared to take LOTS of notes… we’ll be covering Advanced Techniques for even the most difficult to delete items, from experts who know from the “Inside Out!”

Business Credit: Profitable Area With High Demand!

Most credit repair businesses focus ONLY on consumers, when businesses all around you need the SAME Kind of assistance! They avoid business credit because it’s, well, different than working on clients’ personal credit (in some ways it’s MUCH Easier!) So in this session you will learn all of the intricacies of the business credit system… the unique scoring models, what a good biz credit score is, and most importantly, how YOU Can QUICKLY Get A GREAT Score (unlike personal credit). After this session you will not only be able to advise your business clients on the specifics of building business credit…you may find that You And YOUR Business Benefit As Well!

TEN YEARS In Business!

10 years in the business I thought that I knew everything there was to know about credit repair.. I have just learned so much for my clients, they are just going to love me. Cynthia Minyard - AAA Credit Repair Services
Dallas, Texas
image description

Exceeded All Expectations!

"The Advanced Tactics, the speaking, the presenters were unbelievable... learned more than we came to learn!" Justy Youssef - Correct Your Credit LLC
Atkinson NH
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Reserve Your Seat Now

18th Bi-Annual Credit Boot Camp November 2 – 5, 2017 Orlando, FL

Break-Out Special Sessions:

image description

Marketing: Creating Sustainable Lead Generation Systems

We’ll cover strategies and tactics to create ongoing lead-gen programs that drive in new prospective clients everyday AND Pre-Sort Them — So You ONLY Have To Deal With The Best Leads! Marketing Master Emerson Brantley (Read Complete Bio) will guide you through a “divisive” approach that makes it easy for “high maintenance” and less qualified prospects to “self-unselect” themselves (and not waste your time), while at the same time attracting exactly the level of quality leads you want. This approach allows you to you can focus your attention on other things (like increasing the dollars per client, exploring new products or services to offer….or MAYBE planning your next vacation!)
image description

Sales: Building Recruiting And Managing A Sales Force

You will get the perfect blueprint to define, identify and find the very best people to represent you and your company… sharp men and women who can SELL! Best of all, you’ll discover that managing a great sales team is one of the easiest parts of the entire program… IF you have these systems in place! Leave your sales headaches at the door when you leave… you won’t need them anymore!
image description

Customer Service: Setting Yourself Up To Win Customers Lifetime Loyalty

The secrets to getting great press, eliminating Better Business Bureau complaints, generating enthusiastic referrals and getting repeat sales are simple: Wow Your Clients!… And go way beyond what they expect…and make sure they know! A huge part of this lies in the quality and caliber of your Customer Service. Key Point: EVERYONE In your company is in Customer Service! In this session you’ll find out how to pull together your entire team to create an unforgettable customer service experience for each and every customer you work with!
image description

Challenging Violations Of The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act And the Fair Credit Reporting Act

How would you like to have an intimate classroom session with the person many consider the nation’s to FDCPA and FCRA Expert? Attorney Michael Lupolover (Read Complete Bio) has successfully challenged aggressive and predatory debt collectors and agencies — and WON Over $67 Million in debt relief for his clients! He’ll give you the nuts-and-bolts of the collection business from the inside out (he originally worked for a law firm that specialized in COLLECTING Debt and litigating against consumers who owed money for their credit card bills and enforcing those judgments. You will learn more than you ever knew about debt, collections and how to recognize the illegal practices and successfully defend your clients against the companies that pressure them in violation of the law.
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Business Credit: All The Money You Need To Grow & Expand

In this BONUS Business Credit session you will learn how to quickly implement a TURN KEY system and partner with DisputeSuite to offer local businesses the credit services they need. You’ll quickly find out how easy it can be to expand your business aggressively in this area, and make MASSIVE additional revenue without having to do ANY of the work!

Advanced Tactics Open Discussion

In this Special Session DisputeSuite will take us EVEN Deeper into the Advanced Tactics of credit repair and walk you through powerful MULTI-STEP processes to identify EXACTLY how to dispute the toughest items. Many of these amazingly effective tactics were developed “back in the day” (and updated a lot since!) when DisputeSuite experts are personally doing “concierge” credit repair services. This is the Cadillac of Credit Repair “Technical” Step By Step Training… Actual SPECIFIC Time-Tested Strategies to use on your high end clients to give them the value they deserve (some of this stuff is WAYYYY TOO Powerful to waste on your everyday clients!)
  • You’ll discover ways to use the HIPAA law to permanently remove medical collections.
  • The real truth behind Debt Validation.
  • Loopholes in foreclosures and bankruptcies will be revealed.
  • Strategies to delete public records items.
  • SIMUL Disputes (a powerful dispute tactic).
  • An inside look at E-OSCAR.
  • Review the credit bureaus’ secret “Dispute Codes.”
  • Credit Bureau unpublished addresses (there’s over 15 of them!)
Reserve Your Seat Now 17th Bi-Annual Credit Boot Camp November 2 – 5, 2017, Orlando, FL

Collecting BIG On Collections

How do you win for your client when you’ve paid a collector who said they would delete, then changed their mind. These Three Tactics will make you the hero and show the collector he’s dealing with a PRO Who Knows! FDCPA and FCRA Expert Michael Lupolover (Read Complete Bio) will give you the nuts-and-bolts of the collection business from the inside out (he originally worked for a law firm that specialized in COLLECTING Debt and litigating against consumers who owed money for their credit card bills and enforcing those judgments. You will learn more than you ever knew about debt, collections and how to recognize the illegal practices and successfully defend your clients against the companies that pressure them in violation of the law. You will discover there are over 26 ways to catch collection agencies violating the FDCPA… how many do you normally use to give your client this massive leverage? Once you get back to the office you’ll be catching more and winning more disputes!
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    How you can take advantage of RESPA Rules To REMOVE ALL DEROGATORY information being reported on a mortgage for an extended period of time (you’re going to LOVE this one!)
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    The simple yet powerful 7-Step Process you should follow with any repossession… you’ll fall over when you realize why this is one of the easiest disputes of all!
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    This ONE Detail PAYS FOR THE EVENT Many Times Over! ==> Why the “Cleanest” Credit Report is usually not the highest scoring… and what you need to do to know what to challenge and what to leave for the greatest benefit for your client (and less work for you!)
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    Twelve strategies that make dealing with late payments and charge-offs a breeze (AND how to zero in on the easy ones first and recognize the ones to just leave alone!)
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    The “5 Elements” that creditors must verify from original records under the FDCPA “Burden of Proof” to prove that a debt is accurate and verifiable – or CEASE ALL Collection Efforts and Derogatory Credit Reporting IMMEDIATELY!
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    The Killer Knockout method for deleting collections entirely, and when should you use it!
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    What’s the one method collectors will NEVER admit to, but can Compel Collection Agencies To DELETE Your Client’s ENTIE collection account
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    PLUS! How you can increase your income by working DIRECTLY with an experienced FDCPA Attorney – So There’s NO “Middle Man” To Cut Into Your Profits!
Even longtime industry veterans will be amazed at these “insider secrets” on how to bait the collection agencies and literally FORCE the credit reporting agencies to DELETE Derogatories outright!

Get Ready To Make Money!

Are you tired of paying countless marketing dollars with no results? Yellow Pages (does anyone still use them!?), classified ads, sandwich signs, bandit signs, Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, buying sales leads… the list goes on and on! We will share how to get more business, close more prospects, charge more and generate more repeat and REFERRAL business than ever before, so you work less and make more money in the process!

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All the great people at this event have been just awesome. This Boot Camp is just absolutely phenomenal.

DisputeSuite, thank you so much.  You gave us such a great opportunity and I really appreciate all the time and effort you and your staff have put… this whole big program together and all the content that you have, all the wonderful people.  All the great people at this event have been just awesome.  This Boot Camp is just absolutely phenomenal.  Thank you. Cynthia Goff - Score One
Santa Rosa, CA
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Run Your Business Successfully, Morally, Ethically

“Brilliant guest speakers…they know what they’re talking about, they know Congress in and out… really helps pinpoint tactics!” Trevor Bouldin
Dallas, Texas

Beat Google WITHOUT Becoming A Web Expert!

Is your web site making you money? Is it attracting hundreds of new prospects every month? Do you even know? Regardless of if your site is generating $100,000 a month or ZERO, there are Finally Some COMMON SENSE Ways YOU CAN create new revenue each and every month from people who find AND choose your business, all online!

NOTE: This Is A NON-Technical Presentation For People Who Are NOT Computer Or Internet Experts! (Although some of these options are so new and easy to use, even the techies will be taking notes!)

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    You will learn how to quickly and easily identify profitable niche markets with virtually no competition for your keywords!

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    This ONE Detail PAYS FOR THE EVENT Many Times Over! ==> MONETIZE, Monetize, Monetize! How to finally make get Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, even Pinterest working together to push you to the top (and why Google is looking to social media sites to determine YOUR Top Ten Position more and more!)

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    How You Can NAIL The Search Engine Rankings Game using simple, free directories that Google just LOVES! Odds are, your competitors don’t have a CLUE about this, and best of all, YOU Don’t Have To Do ANYTHING (it’s so easy, for $5 and a single click, you can get it done for you!)

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    Instead of learning a hundred things you’ll never do online, you will learn the 5 Critical Steps That Make The BIGGEST Difference Online (including 3 that most marketers never share!)

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    The quick and easy way to combine ALL your online efforts (articles, videos, press releases, blogs, even RSS feeds, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, and more)… so when you post an article, video or even a comment, You Can INSTANTLY broadcast your company across the entire web!

Becoming A Master Communicator

The better you are at communicating your features and benefits, the greater your sales. Sadly, most people in our business talk and talk and talk… but don’t know how to build the VALUE so a prospect BUYS! That’s where the expertise of Credit Boot Camp Faculty Member David M. Frees III, Esq. (Read Complete Bio) will make ALL the difference in your business (and personal life as well!) Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis, he’s known to thousands as the “Grandmaster of Communications” and “The Smooth Voice Of Business”. Business professionals, community leaders — even politicians! — have studied his unique Creator Of Language of LeadershipTM and Quantum Communications SkillsTM Programs. In this incredible session…
  • image descriptionYou will learn 9 bulletproof strategies to instantly maximize the value of EVERY client. These 9 strategies are specifically tailored to THE CREDIT REPAIR BUSINESS OWNER!!!
  • image descriptionYou will discover secrets of presenting your services in ways that attract higher paying clients, lower-maintenance customers and bigger long-term sales than ever before!
  • image descriptionHow scripting really works… it’s not how you think! Once you understand the “anchor” concept, your scripts will become your best ally in closing more deals!
  • image descriptionWhy EVERY Customer Contact Matters! From the way the phone is answered to the way successes and rejections are explained. You will see that your communications with your customers are an endless conversation… all building a strong relationship of confidence and trust in you, your people, your abilities and your integrity!
Set Sail With Us! Get Your Tickets5 Day LIVE Training – Orlando
June 25 – 29, 2018

Building Your Affiliate ARMY!

An Affiliate Is Any “INFLUENCER” who sends their customers to YOU so you can to clean up the customer’s credit (so they can hopefully go BACK to that Affiliate and make a purchase using their newfound credit!) Affiliates can be Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Car Dealers, Furniture Store Owners – any type of business that depends on customers having clean credit so they can make the purchases they want to make. And guess what! When a great affiliate makes that referral, how hard do you think it is to get that new prospect under contract (you know you probably will on their very first visit, right!?) You KNOW whenever an Affiliate sends their customer to you they are Already Pre-SOLD On Your Services, because that Affiliate NEEDS YOU or they don’t have a sale!

Just imagine how different your business would look, how different your days would be, and how much difference it will make in your life and lifestyle with that kind of exponential growth over the months ahead!

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    YOU: The Credit “Expert” In Your City!

    Are you the “Go-To” Expert for your local media? Are you Number ONE in the mind of your prospects? This one approach – all by itself – will revolutionize your marketing and sales effectiveness, and make closing new prospects so assured your ADMIN can do it as easily and effectively as you do!

    In this session you will receive the literal “Blueprint” to go from ZERO To Hero, and to become the person – and company – associated with professional credit repair in your market

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    Drilling Deep: Adding More Products & Services

    The EASIEST Person To Sell Is An Existing Customer! Once you have built a relationship of competency, integrity and trust, clients welcome the chance to repeat the experience. Learn how to utilize these advantages by providing them with new products and services that create massive residual income streams! Plus, with your current customers, there’s NO NEW Customer Acquisition Costs!

    In this special session we are going to show how Adding New Products And Services to your arsenal of offerings means you can earn more income without losing focus on your existing business! You’ll discover that finding ways to add value to your existing clients by offering value added services is a better (and faster!) way to increase your revenues! As long as the services you offer are of value to your clients you have earned the right to offer them other services and products. Create clients’ and profits for life, while adding value to every relationship that you create!

    Plus, you’ll get specific examples and ideas to help you find exactly the right product and service mix that enhances your customers’ experiences with you AND creates that magic to your bottom line!


200+ Page Comprehensive Tactical Guide & Event Manual… A $499 Value ONLY For Attendees!

As soon as you check in You Get this comprehensive Tactical Guidebook with over 200 pages — including a major addition for 2013 with the most up-to-date information available on advanced credit repair strategies. NOT Sold To Others… You ONLY receive a copy when you ATTEND The Credit Boot Camp itself!

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“The Tactical Guide ALONE was worth twice the admission cost” Kevin Benjamin ESQ
Benjamin Legal Services Chicago IL
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Is In-Depth Training & Peer Networking Like This Something You’re Ready For?

The Credit Boot Camp May NOT be For You IF…

  • image descriptionYou have an attitude of lack instead of abundance — this group will be looking at the incredible opportunities to grow in 2014 and beyond, not rehashing negative news and politics
  • image descriptionYou think you already know everything you need, have experienced every possible business twist and turn, and are closed to growing from the wisdom and insights of peers and other experts
  • image descriptionYou plan on coming but skipping some of the sessions, hang by the pool, play some golf, enjoy some time off and relax
  • image descriptionYou are coming only to get, and not to give your own value to help other attendees and our profession

You won’t find these attitudes at The Credit Boot Camp! What You WILL Find Are The Best Of The Best Of The Credit Profession. When we join together we create POWERFUL results possible for each and every participant, including YOU if you consider yourself a professional and a successful business person, with a vision and commitment to continually grow and improve!

PLUS! For Early Birds ONLY Who Arrive Wednesday – You Get Advanced VIP Check-In Wednesday Night Only, Alongside Our Diamond VIPs!

  • You’ve heard other attendees call this the “Must Attend” event for the Credit Profession, and use terms like amazing, awesome, information overload.
  • You’ve seen them describe the enormous value of networking with peers and others in the business.
  • You’ve seen how important the No-Holds-Barred Question & Answer Sessions are.
  • You’ve read how Timely and Mission Critical the topics and discussions are, and the attention given to Covering Every Detail Of Building And Running A Successful Credit Repair Business in today’s markets.

Now It’s Up To YOU To Join Us! — as one of the hundreds of credit repair professionals determined to create sustainable, profitable businesses well into the future and change the face of Credit Repair forever.

Decisiveness is crucial!

When presented with the facts and figures, the successful, winning mind will Take Positive, DECISIVE Action, SEIZE Opportunity, And Get Full Benefit Of All The Bonuses & Pricing Advantages When You Register Now. That's Smart Business!

Not as smart are the Indecisive business owners (hopefully your competition and not you!) will hem and haw, think about it, procrastinate and ultimately either miss out completely (by default!) OR They Will Pay Much More Than You!

The Best, Best, BEST!

“I’ve met some of the greatest people, smart people, willing to share their information and give me EVERYTHING I Need To Make My Business A Success!”   Lillian Lindsey
Chicago IL

His THIRD Credit Boot Camp!

“I’ve been THREE times and this is by far the BEST ONE I’ve been to! Nobody pitching anything, or selling anything!”   Danny Garcia
Company, From

The ONLY Way To Lose Is To Miss Being There! So Register NOW & Don’t Miss Out!