• C. Mike Lewis

    C. Mike Lewis

    If you don’t want to wait another 10 years to be known…you need to be in a book now!

    It Doesn’t Matter That

    MIKE LEWIS has created and published over 270 best-selling authors, published over a dozen of his own bestselling books, has 40+ years of experience in marketing, selling, speaking, and coaching, or that he previously owned and was CEO of a $100,000,000 company.

    What Does Matter

    Mike’s passion for turning the real-world experiences of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and seasoned business experts, like you, into best-selling printed books, and positively impacting their lives. As the publisher at the top Ghost Publishing firm, Branded Expert Publishing, Mike specializes in books and tools for building your business, while increasing your authority as a best-selling author.So set all your excuses aside. Suck it up and decide to take the steps you know you need to become the Branded Expert in your niche.

    1821 W. Citrus Springs Blvd.
    Citrus Springs, FL 34434
    Personal Cell: 404-281-6552