• Jonathan Raburn

    Jonathan Raburn

    Jonathan Raburn has been a practicing attorney since his graduation from LSU Law School and passing of the Louisiana Bar in 2003. Before becoming Consumer attorney, he was corporate counsel for an international company and was based out of their Louisiana office. His practice is now exclusive to taking on clients that have suffered violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Act. Some of his more recent FDCPA cases have involved the illegal use of the words “credit bureau” in the name of a debt collector and debt collectors refusing to remove dispute language. He is currently litigating improper reporting of Authorized user accounts, Zombie debts, and many other issues for clients throughout the United States. He currently represents clients from New Jersey to California and many of the states in between. At this time, his practice has over 150 active clients seeking help with FDCPA and FCRA violations.

    Jonathan received his undergraduate degree in Marketing from the LSU system in 2000. He enjoys attending college football in the fall with his wife and plays USTA tennis in his spare time. He also enjoys traveling with his family when his practice allows him the time.