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10 Years In Business!

It’s been phenomenal. The tactical information got was actually the missing piece that my company needed. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and (this) really just put the whole puzzle together.” Tony Sanders - Clark and Associates Credit
Atlanta, Georgia
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Mortgage Brokers Need
Credit Solutions!

“At the Credit Boot Camp we were able to find and network with tons of professionals who really understand the credit space. You need to attend… to understand how to develop relationships that effectively do business and generate solutions for your partners!” Dylan Kramer - America's Mortgage Choice
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Creating Experts & Revolutionizing The Industry!

“The credit event has taught me more in 1 day than the last 2 years I have been in business. Creating experts… revolutionizing the industry… The Credit Boot Camp we should do twice a year to get people together and share ideas.” Rafael Arce - California Credit Services
Oceanside, CA
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Massive Connections With Successful Peers!

“All the connections I made this weekend, first time out, anybody that sees this you just need to sign up!” John San Filippo - Properties Chicago, IL
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More Value Than Any
Other Event!

“I’ve been to a lot of conferences, whether for legal or real estate profession…There was more information, more entertainment and more knowledge here than any other conference I’ve been to!” Rosemary Cantano - Liotta & Cantano LLP Massapequa, NY
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Helping More & More People!

“The Credit Repair Boot Camp is ABSOLUTELY THE ‘Must Attend’ Event. Don’t miss the next event, we’re learning more about what it takes to help people every day. This information has changed our entire business!” Heath Lehman - A4FI
Little Rock, AR
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Paying It Forward!

“I’m so glad that I came…I’m really glad that everyone is able to come together and unite and share their secrets and share their success, and share their promotions, and how everyone’s united…DisputeSuite is actually putting this movement together so everyone can understand the benefits of this and that we’re able to empower one another. And, paying it forward. Paying it forward.” Arnita Johnson - AMB Credit Consultants
Dallas, TX
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The Networking Alone Was
Worth The Investment!

Amazing, amazing, amazing! By far the best money you can spend if you are serious about taking your business to the next level and helping a lot of people, the networking alone worth it… it way exceeded my expectations!” Satin Crable - J Credit
Chicago, IL
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The best three days that we’ve ever spent to increase our business.

DisputeSuite, first of all I want to thank you, myself Carlos, and Erika, from National Credit Restoring, was the best three days that we’ve ever spent to increase our business.  I think we’re going to really be able to implement a lot of the things that we learned… some of the stuff that we picked up from the different folks that you had up on stage.  It was just awesome, awesome!  We’re looking forward to… I think we can probably, what, double, triple the size of our business.  Definitely!  So we can definitely look forward to that.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you, DisputeSuite.  So we’re looking forward to that.  I’m sure you’re going to be there for the support. Carlos and Erika - National Credit Restoring - Tampa, FL
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Sustaining, Building, Becoming Successful, Mentoring

“It has truly allowed me to expand the goals that I already had set prior to my visit. To expand it even further, and solidifying connections that I really need to grow my business. As an entrepreneur, we’re often in a lonely world, growing our businesses. We may have mentors that come in and out of our lives, but The Boot Camp is truly about sustaining, building, and truly being successful. And getting mentored consistently, which is what every entrepreneur should desire and truly should seek.” Alexis Jones - Get GR8T Credit
Sacramento, CA

20 Years In The Business

“I’ve been in the business 20 years… and learned so much at the Credit Repair Boot Camp I didn’t know…” Charles Price Esq.
Bankruptcy Attorney
Orlando, FL
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Bringing Along His Staff

“I have learned more about credit and credit repair than any other event I have ever been to… I am bringing more people back next year!” Andrew Canole - Waterfield Credit
Tampa, FL

Running Legal,
Ethical Businesses

“I’ve been in business about 3 years. I got so much value at so many different levels… teaching us about being legal and ethical in running our businesses” Armando Sanchez
Empire Credit Restoration
New York

NOT Taught In
Law School!

“Once again I came to DisputeSuite’s Credit Repair Boot Camp because every time I come I learn things I never learned in law school or in the practice of law…” Kevin Benjamin, ESQ
Benjamin Legal Services
Chicago IL
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I am so inspired by your leadership

“DisputeSuite, for somebody who’s been doing this for as long as I’ve been doing this I have to tell you that… and I tell you this all the time… but I wanted to tell you in front of all our friends, that we do business with, how much I appreciate your vision and your leadership.” Angela Setters - Conquer Credit Management
Tarzana, CA
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Texting His Office Everyday!

“I have learned so much… here the sharing, the giving… Absolutely Fabulous!” Steve Meyers - Raleigh Legal Group
San Diego, CA
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I have to say I’ve rarely been involved with a seminar this well put together.

Hi there.  My name’s Tom Lieg.  I’m with First National Credit Solutions.  This has been one of the most mind-blowing weekends we’ve had in a long time.  I have to say I’ve rarely been involved with a seminar this well put together.  Its new revenue streams, its new answers, its new solutions for our clients, and I will be back again.  Thank you. Tom Lieg - First National Credit Solutions
Dover, NJ
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I am starting into this business of credit repair, and I wanted to thank DisputeSuite

“My name is Rico Negrete.  I am starting into this business of credit repair, and I wanted to thank DisptueSuite, specifically, for the amount of effort and dedication that he’s put into this.  All of the effort, and time, that is must take to pull of these things  together, all of the resources… and really push this industry forward for us, and make sure that it doesn’t fail.  And, do the steps… take…  do everything that is necessary so that we can continue to grow, and fulfill our purpose.  Thank you.” Rico Negrete - Credit Services Manager
Portland, OR
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An extra $10,000 a month

My name is Troy Hitt.  I’m from Houston, Texas.  I visited in Dallas, the last Boot Camp, implemented some of the tools immediately, once I got back home, and tripled my, more than tripled my affiliate program.  Doubled my referral base, and added about an extra $10,000 a month to my bottom line.  Every month. Troy Hitt - Improve My Score
Houston, TX
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Wish I’d Had All This Starting Out

“I had several ‘Aha’ moments that significantly impacted my business positively. There’s not another seminar or boot camp out there that’s going to be such a meeting of minds. So many experts altogether in one room giving you the information I wish I’d had when I was starting in business.” Doc Compton - Omega Credit Repair
Mckinney, TX
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I Got Answers I Didn’t Even Know Questions For!

“No matter how much you THINK you know, when you listen to DisputeSuite for an hour or two you realize how little you know!” Kerry Lutz, Attorney
Westchester, NY
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8 Years & He Feels Like A Rookie!

“I have been in the business for 8 years but I feel like rookie because there are so many things I did not know about, so many inside tactics and techniques I have learned!” Israel Catala - Credit Maximums
Kissimmee, Florida
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Exceeded All Expectations!

“The Advanced Tactics, the speaking, the presenters were unbelievable… learned more than we came to learn!” Justy Youssef - Correct Your Credit LLC
Atkinson NH

TEN YEARS In Business!

10 years in the business I thought that I knew everything there was to know about credit repair.. I have just learned so much for my clients, they are just going to love me. Cynthia Minyard - AAA Credit Repair Services
Dallas, Texas
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Run Your Business Successfully, Morally, Ethically

“Brilliant guest speakers…they know what they’re talking about, they know Congress in and out… really helps pinpoint tactics!” Trevor Bouldin
Dallas, Texas
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All the great people at this event have been just awesome. This Boot Camp is just absolutely phenomenal.

DisputeSuite, thank you so much.  You gave us such a great opportunity and I really appreciate all the time and effort you and your staff have put… this whole big program together and all the content that you have, all the wonderful people.  All the great people at this event have been just awesome.  This Boot Camp is just absolutely phenomenal.  Thank you. Cynthia Goff - Score One
Santa Rosa, CA

Just Now Leaving DisputeSuite
Unplugged! – At 1 a.m.!

“If anyone is wondering if it’s worth it to stay up — it definitely is! A LOT of valuable information you wouldn’t get otherwise and I’m very excited to share everything I’ve learned!”   Jody Lowe - Credit Redemption
Lumberton TX

His THIRD Credit Boot Camp!

“I’ve been THREE times and this is by far the BEST ONE I’ve been to! Nobody pitching anything, or selling anything!”   Danny Garcia
Company, From

The Best, Best, BEST!

“I’ve met some of the greatest people, smart people, willing to share their information and give me EVERYTHING I Need To Make My Business A Success!”   Lillian Lindsey
Chicago IL
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Great Opportunity!

“This is a great opportunity to learn more than what we already know. And, I’m going to expand this to the Hispanic community and help them learn more”. Angel Granados, CEO
Advanced Credit Solutions
Nampa, ND

Adrienne Keys

“What a Phenomenal event! Great People, Great atmosphere! Great Educators! Learned so much! Gained valuable knowledge and life long friends!”

Pretty Washington

“The BEST Credit Conference Ever…A wealth of knowledge from the Top Earners in the industry. Plus, you meet some Pretty Awesome people who are eager & willing to help you succeed. Isn’t that awesome? HECK YEAH! If you are in the industry and you haven’t been then you most definitely need to get to the next one. But, guess what? The next one will be on a Gorgeous Cruise-ship.”

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